The Families didn't get a penny, simply because they don't know the information even exists.

Last Year $64Billion in Policies, Life Insurance Payouts, Will Values, Investments & Cash

Went Unclaimed...

Of course, the instructions, wills and critical documents do exist, somewhere. It's just that poor planning means they are never found. So the people the money was meant for, are non the wiser and not a penny richer.
It's a huge challenge. Here's How We've fixed it;

How Protected Is YOUR Family?

Are you 100% sure that when the time comes, your family will know where to find the critical documents; Your Will, life policies, share certificates, legal documents, savings bank account passwords....even your cherished personal photographs and videos?

The Easiest, Most Secure Vault For Your Digital Legacy.

It Takes 10 Minutes for a Lifetime of Protection for Your Family

Multiple Vaults

You will be given multiple encrypted vaults and assign different recipients, so you can choose what information gets automatically delivered to whom based on different delivery options such as date, death or even incapacitation. You have full control!

Connect your financial accounts and designate auto delivery of bank names, account numbers, and balances to select family members if something happens.

Link Bank Accounts

Estate planning templates for US, UK & Canada included, with step-by-step guides for your convenience. These are up-to-date legal documents that you can fill out, notarize and store the digital copy of in any of your vaults

Estate Planning Templates

And it's easy to use too.

Uploading Your, Policies, Documents, Agreements, Wills, Bank Account Details Takes Just Minutes

Just 2 Minutes To Decide Who Gets The Information... and When

Connecting Your Financial Accounts to Your Vaults Gives Your Loved Ones Instant Access To Cash

Major Insurers Across America

Trust LegacyArmour

"One of the most innovative services I've seen in a long time!"

"LegacyArmour’s innovation enhances communication between financial advisors, their clients and clients’ children,” and addresses the issue of unclaimed life insurance benefits."

“LegacyArmour provides a valuable service for individuals seeking to protect their sensitive personal information and plan for their future. We are pleased to partner with LegacyArmour

"LegacyArmour is a brilliant and much needed service. It helped with our business readiness & succession planning. It is one of the most innovative services I've seen in a long time!"

And Families Across The World

Trust LegacyArmour Too!

We now have the peace of mind, knowing we have made the right decision in protecting what is most important to us; our family and our legacy.

The Smythe Family

Sarah. S

I don't have many assets yet, but I gave my parents a prepaid subscription to LegacyArmour as a gift to make sure I have access to their health, legal and estate information in case of an emergency!

Questions We're Often Asked.

You will receive 4 vaults and can allocate them however you wish, one for family, one for colleagues, another for your Insurance Advisor and a fourth for your medical information... It's up to you

"How many vaults do I get?"

You decide how and when the notifications are sent to your beneficiaries Delivery to recipients is based on a chosen date, death or incapacitation. We will check up on you before releasing the vault access

"How and when is the access delivered?"

We'll do better than that! You can Invite family members to co-manage your vaults for free, as part of your subscription with us. Many clients have extra peace of mind when they entrust access to one key trusted person.

"Will you help me set it up?"

"How Secure is it?"

"How do you know something has happened to me?"

"I have questions?"

In recent independent security tests, LegacyArmour came third in overall encrypted security, just behind the FBI and the CIA. You will be guaranteed military grade, unbreakable encryption from the moment you upload until the documents are accessed by your beneficiaries.

We monitor the well-being of our customers in two steps. First, we use passive methods and if our AI engine detects issues, we then have a customer care professional call/email you, hoping for a response. Failure to respond multiple times triggers the release of the Vaults.

Great! - We'll be happy to help you. The best way to get the help you need is to use our blue support 'bubble below' - If it's out of hours, or our team are all business, leave your email and we'll send over a full response as soon as we can.

Complete Peace of Mind for just $150 per year

Your LegacyArmour Vault comes with world class military grade encryption. It's affordable, easy to use and most importantly it guarantees that you and your loved ones know that when the time comes, they will have full and instant access everything they need, your entire legacy and their future... in one place,
protected and secured.