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 Levinson Agents: Partner With Us to Add a +$30,000 'Hands-Free' Revenue Stream to Your Business...

Add value to your client while building a reliable an unlimited annuity

Help Your Clients Protect Their Digital Legacy...
And Earn New Revenues!

This is an opportunity for Levinson Agents to create a new 'hands free' annually recurring revenue. With less than 2% customer churn rate, you are creating a stable revenue stream when you partner with LegacyArmour.  

Other insurance agents do not offer such service to their client. That is why you can demonstrate to your client that they get more protection when they work with you.  Protection for products they buy from you while making sure their loved ones can easily find that information if something happened to them.

It's not all about legacy and inheritance. These days our entire lives are digital.  Your clients can store digital valuables; estate documents,  insurance policies, photographs, videos in digital vaults, and designate who will receive them.

An added insurance for your client and a differentitator for you!
We have created different plans for you that you can choose from depending on your book of business and how you prefer to work with your clients.   You enjoy access to uncapped revenue when you sell our services.

So, What's the Best Option for You?

If you're new to the industry and want to offer value to your new clients, the Start-Up Plan is a good option for a small book of business. 

The innovative new GROW Plan could take your revenues to a whole new level. It gives your clients a valuable and much needed service at an affordable price, while building an additional annuity for your business over and above your revenues from selling insurance policies. It's a hands-free add-on to your income, what's not to like? 

The VIP Agent Plan at $185 a month is ideal for experienced agents with an extensive book of business who solely want to add value to their clients and gift LegacyArmour, but not charge for it.
 Choose the Plan That's Right For You

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Free for Agent


Pass On the Savings to Your  Clients _____

  • Your Own Referral Link
  • Client Billing
  • Recommend to Clients
  • ___
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  • Client Pays $50 p/year
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VIP Agent
Delight clients

Agent  PaYs:

$ 185 p/month

Asset Protection & Legacy Planning Tool  for Your Clients

  • Your Own Referral Link
  • Free for Your Clients
  • Bundle w/ Your services  to Unlimited # of Clients

  • Branded Landing Page,
    Banners, Links and Email Marketing

  • Collaboration Tools with Clients

  • Notifications of Client activity
  • $0 Per Client
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Frequently Asked Questions


We designed our system to be easy to use. Anyone who knows how to use a simple computer can use our product,  and everything is on an annual basis. 


There are many ways to keep your brand in front of your client even after they have completed their engagement with you:
1. LegacyArmour will display your contact information within the client dashbaord.
2. The insurance quoter tool will be automatically configured to point your clients back to you for more business.
3. When information is delivered to your client's recipients/beneficiaries, they will receive your contact information.


We use what is known in the industry as “Zero-knowledge, end-to-end” encryption.  We cannot decrypt your information as we are using encryption standards similar to what is used by the U.S. Government to secure information. We treat our clients' information as such and want to ensure everyone's privacy is protected.


Yes, most people see the value of the LegacyArmour vaults right away and want to use them.  In short, this will work for you if you are:
1. Just starting out and are looking for ways to attract your core base of customers. 
2. Looking for ways to accelerate your business growth by using warm leads.